Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OMG ...is it really the FIRST OF DECEMBER?

Really ...are you sure?  I keep checking the calendar!
It keeps saying it's the FIRST, but I still don't believe it!
(Even Santa looks like he's behind in his TO DO LIST!)

 But, see! There it is! Right there ...in black and white!

I know I just had turkey ...because I have turkey noodle soup
by the container full ...so I know we just had Thanksgiving!
But, the FIRST OF DECEMBER! Well now, that's just
not right. It's too soon! There is still so much to be done
before the BIG GUY arrives on his sleigh!

There is knitting to finish, sewing to finish,
ornament making to finish, shopping to finish,
and baking to finish!
The list could go on and on!

Dear Daughter's quilt is finally done. 

Isn't it beautiful?
It looks like 'Neapolitan Ice Cream'.
Lot's of pinks, browns and black

I sent it off to
The BackPorch Quilter's for quilting and
we received it back this past Saturday!
BackPorch Quilter's, they
do such a beautiful job with
putting quilts together and quilting it.

We chose a really nice swirling pattern
for them to use on the quilt. It
turned out just gorgeous!
One item I can check off that ever
growing list!

Dear Daughter and I have also been busy
doing a few holiday crafts.
Here is one we just finished!

We made this cute Advent garland!
(The 'Merry Christmas' banner I already had!)
We made this ....

I made the little felt pockets. Not my
idea ...the sky would fall if I could
ever design something so cute.
You can find the idea and pattern at
Allsorts. She has the cutest blog and
the cutest ideas!

Dear Daughter painted the wooden
snowmen on the garland. They turned
out so cute. It just warms my heart to
see her crafting! Makes a mother proud!

We added touches of black gingham and
red stripe ribbon to finish off the
holiday garland!
(FYI ..the snowman garland was purchased at Micheal's for those of
you who might wish to do this project!)

I'm off to get busy and check off some
of those unfinished items from my list!
I hope that you are making better headway
on your TO DO LISTS than I am!


Laura Bray said...

We just put up our tree today-I'm still in shock that it's Xmas time too! I love that quilt you made! The colors are unique and stunning.

Di Overton said...

I have just stopped looking at the date it's too scary

Ruth Welter said...

Alice, the decorations look beautiful. Where did the time go?? How can Christmas be coming so soon??

That quilt is absolutely STUNNING!! I love it.

Well, all I managed to do as far as knitting goes is casting on. I cannot for the life of me, learn the knit stitch either from You-Tube videos or that darn book I bought. (actually, I'm ready to burn the book)

Luckily though, there is a wonderful country kind of yarn shop nearby (place where I bought my supplies) and the owner is super duper nice and I'll be taking a few private lessons with her to learn to knit and pearl. I cannot wait. Thanks for asking and I'll keep you posted. You give me something to aspire to. :)