Wednesday, December 9, 2009



The tree is decorated!

The snowmen have taken their place!

The Fairies are in their place!

The cards have been made and put in the post!

And ...there's been a bit of hot cocoa and crafting!

There's even been a room redo ....

This room is our upstairs TV area. As you can see; this
'area' is one long room. It houses a TV area,
a dining area and the kitchen!

See this old couch! I hated this couch!
It's not that old, but it was never really what I
wanted; and....the back cushions were terrible!
See! Cute Little Sophie is saying 'what's up with this couch?'

There's even a matching old chair and ottoman!
And ...yes! There's knitting!
There is always a project or two hanging around!

NOW, I have this!

A brand spank'n new chair and couch!

Here's the new couch! Sooooo, much
more comfy! Dear H and I agreed on this set.
It's Micro-Fiber with the look
of old worn leather!
Bonus ...both ends open into recliners!

Dear H is very happy with his new recliner chair!
I wasn't looking for recliners, but sometimes
a girl just has to give in!

Now, I am VERY HAPPY with the new room redo!
Even got a new carpet out of the deal!

 Now I'm off for a bit of crafting and a bit of
last minute holiday knitting!
 I hope you are making headway on your
holiday to do list!


Laura said...

It's all so cozy, I love it!

You know how to do a cup of hot chocolate - bring on the whipped cream!!!

And did you MAKE those Christmas cards? They are adorable!

Enjoy these upcoming days!

Ruth Welter said...

Alice, your house looks beautiful, the tree is lovely...I hope you and your family enjoy the holidays.

Ruth knitting lesson is tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to learn the knit stitch now. : )