Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yes are right! I said 'White Stuff'! We had a major storm come through (which began on Sunday) we had the 'white stuff' coming down all day!
It's beautiful, but it's early!

There are still Aspen's in my yard with their leaves still attached! I think they were a wee-bit surprised!

And of the garden angel's covered from the cold!

The bird bath is a ring of beauty!

To get a perspective on how much 'white stuff' is in my yard can't see my boots!

Since we stayed in all day ....we did this!
Yummo', warm, fresh from the oven ....Banana Bread!

Some of us though ...are enjoying the winter wonderland!


Mo'a said...

Wow!!! It is beautiful though :)
I love your post below about FOCUS...boy can I relate to that.

Lavender Dreamer said...

OH MY! That is a LOT of snow! The banana bread looks wonderful! I have a list of recipes I want to try!

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh goodness! I am awfully glad we don't have that yet! Did you get the book I sent you yet?

Ruth Welter said...

Alice, holy cow, show already??? That is early.

Your sweet doggie reminds me of how my little Orchid looks in the snow. She is black and loves to stick her face in the white stuff.

Enjoyed your photos....


Lana said...

oh wow ~ snow!

i have had a note on my counter reminding me to make banana bread for a few days; yours looks yummy!

Annie said...

Oh WOW. So pretty, pretty, pretty. Doggy looks like he is enjoying his seat in the white stuff.

Lulu said...

it makes for a pretty picture, but oh man it does look so cole..:-)
bread looks delich!

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Mmmmm! That banana bread looks delectable :)

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Oh how lovely is the snow, and you have captured it just beautifully!



Laura said...

You know how to make the most of a blustery day - warm banana bread will do the trick! Just the smell alone would lift my spirits!