Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm finally making headway on my Christmas List. I have made a vow to myself to have a mostly 'homemade' Christmas this year. I know, I know ...I should have started earlier; but, better late than never!
This is the makings of a pullover sweater for my grandson. It's the 'Wonderful Wallaby' pattern. If you knit and have not heard of this pattern. I would highly suggest that you run to your local knit shop and grab one of these patterns up. It's a simply wonderful pattern. Easy to follow and by that I mean EASY! I finished my grandson's sweater in about a week and that was only working on it over a few evenings in front of the tellie! Another fabulous pattern from 'Cottage Creations'.

It's simply a devine hooded pullover sweater with a kangaroo pocket. It's much like a sweatshirt, only knit! It's worked entirely in the round in one piece. Once you have finished knitting have two (well three seams) to sew up. Six stitches under each arm and the top of the hood. That's it!

And is the completed sweater. I'm totally addicted to making these right now. I'm using Plymouth Yarn 'Encore'. It's 75% acrylic and 25% wool. It's great to use for rugged wear that can be worn and worn and then thrown in the washer and dryer. It comes in a wonderful array of colors too! I forgot to mention that this pattern comes in children's sizes 2 - 12, and adult sizes from petite to super size. It also can be made with or without the hood.
Granddaughters 'Wonderful Walleby' is a work in progress. I wish I had discovered this pattern well before the holidays! Everyone on my list would be getting one!

This is another holiday gift ....I won't tell you who it is for. It is a wonderful 'beret' made with Koigu Yarn. You can find the pattern here

Also, to go along with the beret are a pair of matching socks! I'm almost done with the socks ...just need to finish up the toes!


Yes, the HOLIDAYS are starting to look mighty fine!


Annie said...

Omigosh, these are so outstanding. They will surely become little heirloom pieces. I am fortuante to have my mom's baby slippers, two sweater and hat sets, a little white slip and her baptismal dress.

Laura said...

Your family is certainly lucky - I hope they are all knit-worthy (I love that!)

You, yourself, are always a gift in your family and friends' lives. And then you give even more of yourself. Alice, you're such a sweetie! I miss you and being able to see what you're up to in person. (Oh, but would I wish us both back at work? No...)

:) Laura B.

Lana said...

If only I had your knitting talents! These items are beautiful!

Kathleen Grace said...

That is the cutest little sweater! You are so talented with a needle!

carolyn said...

Wow you've been busy!

~Vicki said...

Well yes they are--that is beautiful work my dear! I can't knit a stitch and always admire anyone who can do it. What a talent you are!!

Ruth Welter said...

Alice, these are fantastic!!! I personally think hand made gifts are the best kind in the world. Anybody can go to Walmart or one of those other icky stores but to get something handmade and original, is the most amazing gift to receive in my opinion.

Your sweater is the other goodies you've created as well.

My sister in law is quite the knitter as well, she just made a gorgeous sweater for herself...I'm in awe of folks that can knit.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Wow! With gifts like that who wants any old store bought stuff!?
Looks sooo soft too.