Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween has passed, now it's FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS! I just have to stay focused and get all of my holiday projects finished. I've given myself until December 1st! I have taken on too much as usual, but I'm confident that I can get it done. Well, perhaps most of it done. There was a recent article in the latest copy of 'Craftzine' by Stephanie Pearl-McPee entitled 'The Worthy Get the Spoils'. She explains that there are two kinds of people in the world: the knit-worthy and the hopelessly knit-immune. The knit-worthy are those who really understand the gift of knitting and the hours of affection that are hidden within. Those who are hopelessly knit-immune...they open a hand-knit present, stare at it for a second; then thank you ever so politely. I can say with confidence that those on my list to receive a hand-knit item are those who are knit-worthy. Atleast I'm hoping they are!
No, no, no ....I know they are!
The reason I'm saying F O C U S! Is this ....

I just picked up this wonderful book entitled 'Baby Beanies' by Amanda Keeys. Oh, it's so delightful and full of wonderfully cute hats for the little ones. I want to make them all, but I have to FOCUS on the task at hand for the moment ...Christmas!

See what I mean? The photo's are a hoot, just to look at them makes me laugh!
Gotta stay FOCUSED! Christmas, Christmas! Then I can move onto these adorable little beanies!
This little guy reminds my of a forest pixie! Golly gezzzzz ....F O C U S!

Lastly, but not least is this cutie pie! Ohhhhh, I feel my head spinning ....focus, focus! I think though, that the beanies are winning the fight!
Oh ...I think it's hopeless! I just got this new edition of Somerset 'Where Women Create''s so delicious. I need to go off to my studio and tidy up a bit!
And ...then I got this in the mail! My own autographed copy of AnnaMaria Horner's new book 'Seams to Me'. Now my sewing machine is calling for me to come sit down!
What shall I do knitting, cutie pie beanies ...sewing from AnnaMaria's new book? FOCUS....FOCUS....FOCUS!
Oh, gosh I just give up! I'll work on the holiday list ...try to squeeze in a beanie or two and when I can I'll run to my sewing machine so it won't feel so lonely!
So much for F O C U S!


Lavender Dreamer said...

I have that book on my wish list and I need to go ahead and order it! I need a new focus, too!

Lavender Dreamer said...

I added a link to your blog! Hope that's OK! AND...I updated the Apple Cake recipe! There was an ingredient missing so I hope you haven't made it yet! heehee!

Kathleen Grace said...

It is so hard to focus when you get a new project in your head isn't it? Lol! I know the feeling. If I knit or crochet I would be all over those beanies!

carolyn said...

wow, alice, with all those yummy books and magazing it would be hard for anyone (especially ME!) to stay go girl!