Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My husband is away, and that usually means ....while he's away ....I usually re-do something. I was just getting a little tired of the look of my living room and upstairs family area. So ...I went to my local 'Second Hand Shabby Chic' store and my local hardware store and viola! I have a new updated living room and family room. It's very subtle, but makes a world of difference. I still have a piece or two to work with. I'm just deliberating as to if I want to commit to painting the pieces black with red undertones!

Since we painted two accent walls a few months ago, I've been wanting to change up the look a little. I was thinking more a french provencial country look. I thought adding some reds and blacks might do the trick. I've done a total 180 from my last home. My last home was more country garden with lots of whites. The home that we now have seems to draw me to the more warmer colors ...it just speaks that way to me.


So without any more delay here is what I've been up to!

I found three new little tables at the local 'second hand shop'. They were in great condition and already painted the colors I wanted. I purchased all three for only $86.00! I think it was a bargain price! So, this is table number one, and I think Miss Lilly likes it.

Table number two. This is actually a small bench and the lid lifts open, but it's perfect as a little side table. Table number one and two went into the family room area.

And, this delightful little find is table number three. This little guy went into the living room. Can you believe I got all three for $86 bucks. What a steal!

A week before hubby left I brought this lovely rug home. I was looking for a new area rug for the family room area. I wanted something with subtle colors. Colors that tied into the painted accent walls. I found this beauty at 'Linens & Things'. The store is closing so I snagged it up cheap!


And... here's my paint re-do. The coffee table in the living room was a re-do from our last home. I had originally painted it a fern green with a slightly lighter top and stenciled ivy on it. Now, it's black with red undertones. I painted the top solid black.

I first painted it a cherry red, and once dry I lightly went over the red with black. I painted the top a solid black.

See, just a hint of red undertones on the sides and legs!

Just a peak of the living room ....there's the newly painted coffee table. I'm thinking of painting the secretary the same as the table. I just really have to think on this one. I'm not totally committed to painting that piece yet.

And ....just another peak. See there's a glimpse of the new little red table and a corner of the coffee table.


Now for some advice. Should I paint this little cabinet red with black undertones? The two chairs flanking this little piece are due to get new slipcovers. I'm thinking a small black check fabric!

So what do you think paint or not to paint?

Here's the little cabinet I think I should paint.

I'm leaning towards painting it! Any suggestions?


Di Overton said...

My you have been busy. I love that rug. I would paint the cabinet in one of the subtle colours in the rug.

Kathleen Grace said...

I do the same thing when my hubby goes hunting, I paint a rooma nd redo it:>) He always likes it and I like surprising him. My vote is topaint the cabinet, and the hutch? It's very pretty as is but it reminds me of the one Penny at Lavender Hill Studios just did in her breakfast room, she painted it black and it is fabulous! The silver candle sticks on the black coffee table really pop and shine! I love it all.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

That would look soooooooo great!!

M ^..^

Laura said...

Wow! Those tables really were a steal! I would have paid that for one! And I absolutely love the table you painted black with red undertones. I plan on trying some of this, eventually... You have always been so good at just trying things - such an inspiration. Love the look of your home - such a cozy little nest!

Rosemary said...

I am in the middle of painting my bedroom right now. I say paint it black with the red. I love red!!

carolyn said...

your redo looks great want to come out and help with my bedroom next???

Tea Time and Roses said...

Everything looks just beautiful! Don't you just love it when you find something special and the price is just right! Enjoy!



Donna O. said...

I'm thinking leave the red but maybe rub some black and gold on the edges?? The room looks fantastic!!Whatever you decide will look great.

PAT said...

I love all your redo's. Beautiful!

I agree, paint the cabinet black with red undertones. It will be fabulous!

Have a great weekend.

Lana said...

What wonderul buys! Unless those pieces are family pieces that you just cant bear to see changed, I think I'd paint them. It will pull even more of it together, though your room looks gorgeous the way it is!