Thursday, April 23, 2009


In lieu of 'Earth Day' ....
I give you ....
The Urban Farmer
(aka Dear Hubby)

The Urban Farmer came to be about
two months ago when DH
wanted a bigger garden.

Is the 'Urban Farmer' myth, legend or fact?
You be the judge!
As the story goes,
it all started late one night ...
The Urban Farmer had an idea!
Plant a bigger garden ...
with more crop ... with more seed ...
with more land!

So ...The Urban Farmer began his journey!
He planted and planted and planted!

Mind you ...The Urban Farmer did all of
this at the kitchen table!

The little plantings grew and grew and grew!
They grew too fast. The Urban Farmer said
that the seedlings would sprout in four to
six weeks ...they sprouted in days!

Those little seedlings are everywhere.
The Urban Farmer says the weather is
not cooperating's suppose to be
Spring; but it's acting more like Winter.

The little seedlings are suppose to
be here ....instead they are ....


Gotta love 'em! Why else would the
Urban Farmer's Wife put up with
shelves of sprouting seeds in her
living room and dining room?
Here's hoping that the weather
warms up very soon so that
The Urban Farmer can
get his crop in the ground!
(One day late)


Lavender Dreamer said...

WOW! How neat is that! You're going to have a wonderful garden! What a nice hubby!

Laura said...

I think the payoff for this inconvenience is going to be delicious! One of these years we'll do this too...

Lulu said...

its going to be a nice garden..
Have a great weekend.

Our Back Porch said...

Oh, your garden will be great though!
Have a lovely week!!


Di Overton said...

They do look lovely though

Sandy said...

This is a fun post!