Sunday, February 22, 2009


Mysterious Visitors

Please let me introduce to you the
most wonderful book!
It's a book full of astonishing and moving
real-life stories that reveal the truth
about angels and the many
forms they take in our lives today.
This book was sent to my by Kathy
at Kathy's Cottage.
Please pop on over for a visit.
She has a wonderous blog and an
even more wonderful heart.
Which brings me to the purpose of this book.
This book is to be circulated among fellow blogland friends.
The book started with Kathryn at
She too, has a wonderful blog
and is a professional writer.
She has a story published
in the book 'Miracles'.
She first sent the book to Kathy;
Kathy in turn sent the book to me.
It is now my turn to forward the book
to a fellow blogger who might feel they
are in need of a little 'angel' help.
I will send the book to the first
person who emails me requesting it.
There are no strings attached, other than
you must promise to continue the
chain of forwarding the book to
a fellow blogger once you are done
reading it!
That's it! Just request the book ...
I'll mail it to you ...
once you have read it ...
forward it to a fellow blogger!
When emailing me
...please include your name and address
so that I know where to send the book!

1 comment:

ShabbyInTheCity said...

That is such a thoughtful idea!
Kathy is so very sweet too.