Sunday, August 17, 2008

How Time Flys ....

Oh time flys! I can't believe it's already mid-August. Lots of things have been happening since I last posted. The most notably ...our son and his family will be staying with us for awhile. They are relocating from Iowa to Utah and until they can secure jobs and an apartment ...well, they will be our houseguests. The best part is ...

This beautiful face, and....

This beautiful face!

Aren't they wonderful? My two grandchildren! Out of all of this, these two little one's are my brightest spots. To have them actually here with me ....pure bliss!
Now onto some 'Knit to Give' projects. I recently came across an article in the latest 'Crochet today'. An article asking donors to put their sticks to work to support the Special Olympics World Winter Games. So, since my plate is obviously very full right now ...I decided to add one more thing. What's one more thing added to an already full plate? My goal is 3 scarves a week ...I think that's doable! If you would like more information on this worthy project please visit

The latest addition of 'Crochet today'.

'Special Delivery' article regarding stitching for the Special Olympics World Winter Games.

There are a couple of crochet and knit patterns to use for the design or you can make up your own. The scarves are made with RedHeart SuperSaver in Deft Blue & Soft White.
Once the scarves are knit or crocheted package them in ziplock bags and mail them off to
Special Olympics Scarf Project
3150 West Main Street
Boise, ID 83702
(The scarves must be received by January 15, 2009.)


Susan Tuttle said...

What sweeties -- your grandchildren are absolutely adorable!


Kathleen Grace said...

Oh what beautiful sweet little faces! Lucky you to have this time with them!

Junie Moon said...

Your grandchildren are ever so adorable; how wonderful they will be with you for a time--a blessing for all of you.

Thank you so much for sharing the Olympics project. I'll see what I can do, too.

Rosemary said...

What adorable children!

Laura said...

I'm so excited for you that your grandkids will be so close! Life is good!!!

I love the Knit to Give project. What a beautiful thing - good for you. Very inspiring!

Di Overton said...

What beautiful children. I love having grandchildren as you can hand them back when you have had enough :)

Lana said...

oh how SWEET!!! I'm sure you are so happy to have your family nearby.

That's such a wonderful thing to do ~ knit for the Special Olympics. I wish I could knit better. Maybe I'll dig out my needles and give it another try...

Lulu said...

oh man, they are so adorable..
Good luck to them, hope they find jobs soon..