Thursday, June 14, 2007

...On the road

Yesterday my mother and I made the last treck of the 'Fiber Frolics' road trip. We ventured up to Logan, Utah to visit the Cache Valley. What a beautiful ride it is once you are off the interstate and on Route 89. It's a beautiful drive from Brigham City through the canyon to the Cache Valley. Given that we were on a limited time table for the day, we were unable to visit the sights of the Cache Valley. We will definitely return to spend some quality time in the area.
The yarn shop in Logan had just moved and they were in the mist of setting up and getting ready for their grand opening. None the less, I was able to locate two balls of sock yarn and some beautiful hand dyed wool. I would love to go back and see the store once it is officially up and running. This is a store that also has spinning and other supplies. I would love to see the spinning, my secret desire is to have a sheep or two and spin my own yarn. (Yea, like that's really going to happen living in the city!) Do you think I have enough sock yarn - I just love yarn! My sock yarn basket, it's overflowing. Guess I'll need a larger basket!

We continued on our quest and saw two more shops, one in Ogden and the other in Bountiful. We have one more on our quest, and we will hit that one tomorrow since we have to turn in our passports by Saturday. It has been a fun trip and we have enjoyed finding different shops and seeing some of the sights of Utah.

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AnnieElf said...

I love the color of the cozy looking socks below. These should keep you very warm during the Logan winters.