Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Having fun...

My mother and I are having fun seeking out all of the fiber and knitting shops on the 'First Annual Fiber Frolic'. We hoping to win something - perhaps the grand prize? Actually, it's been quiet fun just visiting all the shops on the list. We getting familiar with new areas and new shops all the way from Logan to Provo. There have been a few special ones on the list that have caught our eye and we will surely revisit them.

We have four more on the list to tackle before June 16th, I think that we will make it. We have it planned to visit the three stores from Logan to Salt Lake perhaps on Saturday. We are trying to get my husband to join us on the venture. We'll see! It's been fun and exciting so far, and I've even got my mom interested in knitting a scarf. She made her purchase yesterday and is excited to get started. I hope her interest will continue, you know it's addictive once one starts!

After a northern storm came in last night, today is just my kind of day. Cool and rainy! Love it!
These are days that I just love to spend in my creation room - hopefully today I'll finish that second dreaded sock!

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